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I first flew my T-Bird II just a few weeks ago. The kit was easy to build and certainly does not require elaborate skills. It is great fun to fly with an unmatched view. I had no trouble getting the airplane certified and N numbered with the FAA. This is a great plane for those who want the savings and satisfaction of building their own airplane but do not have the skills or patience for the more typical several year project.
Bob Thomas
Bettendorf, Iowa

I looked at several different planes and chose the T-Bird II for these reasons: Ease of entry and exit, Ease of construction, and The load carrying capacity. We live in Utah where we have higher altitudes. My wife and I weigh combined 450 pounds, and with 20 gallon wing tanks thatís an additional 120 pounds. I wanted to be able to take my wife and a full load of fuel, and feel safe about it. I chose the 100 hp 912 ULS on my T-Bird II to handle both of us at these altitudes. I have been flying my T-Bird since 2005, and just passed 200 hours. And enjoyed every minute of getting there! Utah has some high peaks, and I have taken my T-Bird to 14,400 feet solo! I believe this plane to be as safe as any out there. I had one mishap. My fault, and I only bruised my ego. The cabin is very strong, with many of the tubes being doubled. I have flown the T-Bird both high and low and think it is a great plane for both. It has an excellent view. I have taken lots of photos to try to share the experiences with friends. Feel free to check them out at
Jeff Straw
Pleasant Grove, Utah

"Flying my T-Bird is one of the coolest things I've ever done!"
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Christian Clem
Nevada, Iowa