Policy for Used Aircraft Support

Attention: Policy for Used Aircraft Support


Note:  If you are considering purchasing a used T-Bird, please fully read and understand the Customer Service Policy that is in place.

Effective February 1st, 2007 Indy Aircraft Ltd. initiated a new customer service policy that affects anyone that purchases a used T-Bird (from someone other than Indy Aircraft), or anyone that has not registered their T-Bird with Indy Aircraft. 

This new policy includes the following:


  1. Your aircraft must be registered with Indy Aircraft Ltd.  Registration will require completion of a form with information on your airplane, and returned to us.  This is used for our records only, to help better serve you.
  2. A deposit of $1,000.00 will be required to create a balance for future purchases.  This is a deposit, not a fee.  In return, you will receive:
    1. A new assembly manual.
    2. New replacement aileron and elevator control cables. (These are life limited parts, and must be replaced for safety reasons.)
    3. Credit Balance remaining after purchasing the cables will be applied towards replacement parts.
    4. Technical assistance with your aircraft, limited to the aircraft structure.

We will not provide free assistance with the following:

1.      Weight and Balance calculations (This is necessary knowledge for a Sport Pilot Certificate.)

2.      Performance Specifications (This is the responsibility of the “manufacturer” of the aircraft. Per the FAA, the “manufacturer” is the person who assembled the airplane, or the person who is registering their airplane.) The FAA has guidelines for determining these specifications, and organizations such as EAA can assist aircraft owners with this.)

3.      Pilot Operating Handbook (This is the responsibility of the “manufacturer” of the aircraft based on performance specifications.)

4.      Assistance with T-Birds that are built or maintained to non-factory specifications or standards.

5.      Assistance with power trains or power train configurations that are not factory supported.

6.      Assistance with resolving power train performance issues.  


Reason policy:

We are being overloaded with inquiries by people who have purchased used aircraft, thinking that they are getting a “good deal”. Many of these aircraft have been unscrupulously sold to the buyer in a condition that is not up to factory specifications, and sometimes are in unsafe flying condition. 


The T-Bird has proven itself for nearly a quarter of a century as one of the most reliable, dependable, easy, and true flying light aircraft ever manufactured, providing it is properly serviced and maintained.  If you purchase a plane and it is not flying reliably, dependably, easily and true…then most likely this aircraft has not been maintained properly, and will require an investment in replacement parts. 


If you are considering buying any used plane, please realize there are very few, (if any) used light aircraft that will not need at least a $1,000.00 of maintenance and service, either immediately or very soon.  There are simply too many critical life-limited components for this not to be the case.


Indy Aircraft is committed to providing high quality parts, service and our assistance for our customers.  We firmly believe this is the utmost importance to assure safety in aviation. If, as an owner, you choose to use components manufactured elsewhere, we advise you to consult with these people whom you choose to patronize with your business.


We will provide our valuable assistance to those owners who are committed to supporting the excellent reputation of the T-Bird aircraft by operating their T-Bird safely with authorized factory replacement parts.


Indy Aircraft reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who is flying a T-Bird that is considered to be non-airworthy, or any T-Bird that has been modified to such an extent that it does not represent the high standards expected of a T-Bird.


Reconditioned used T-Birds purchased directly from Indy Aircraft have already had critical life-limited components replaced, have had all non-conforming parts replaced, and automatically qualify for free technical assistance for as long as the plane is owned.